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Catalyst series
1. Ethylene oxychlorination to vinyl chloride catalyst
Composition CuCl2-Al2O3
Appearance Light greencolor microspherepowder
Al2O3content >72
Copper content(%) 5±0.5
Specific surface area(m2/g) 115±15
Bulk density(g/ml) 1.0±0.1
Pore ​​volume( ml/g) 0.25±0.05
Particle size distribution
<90μm 79-90
<45μm 30-50
<30μm 8-25
Packaging moisture content(%) 1
Reaction temperature (°C) 220±5
Reaction pressure(MPa) 3±0.05
HClconversion rate(%) >99.5
C2H4Cl2purity (%) >99
2. Copper ruthenium catalyst
Name(Item) Copper ruthenium catalyst
Molecular formula CuO/Bi2O3/SiO2
Appearance Black spherical
Uses But-yn-diol catalyst
Bulk density(kg/l) 0.54
Compressive strength(N/granule) ≥100
Specification(mm) Φ3.5-5.5
Specific surface area(m2/g) 80±10
Pore ​​volume(ml/g) 0.40±0.05
Chemical composition(%) SiO2≥75
CuO 22-24
Bi2O3 5-6
Note: Our factory can produce or process various kinds of microspheres with different technology Index and other specifications of catalyst according to user requirements.
All of the above products are lined with plastic film and sealed in outer iron drum or cardboard drum.
Net weight per barrel:25±0.25kg, stored in a cool, ventilated, dry warehouse.
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